Thursday, October 4, 2012

911 Conspiracy

With respect to the 911 victims I would like everyone to watch this documentary. It is the most informative video I can find on this subject. This contains what many say is evidence of what really happened. Again please go into this with an open mind, Im not trying to point any fingers. 

TED Talks

     TED Talks is a company that films great minds giving presentations. These presentations cover almost any topic you could think of. They give great ideas, clues, and facts to many great questions and problems we have in our society. I highly recommend going to this website and checking out their videos.
TED Talks-

The Secret to Life?

This documentary tells about a great secret that we can all use to do whatever we want to do in life.

Life In A Day

This documentary shows how different people live around the world in a single day. 

Did God Create The Universe?

This documentary is hosted by Steven Hawking, one of the greatest minds known to man. He dissects the universe in attempt to answer one of the greatest questions out there. Did god create the universe? 

Hidden Human History?

This documentary includes great points and possible facts in answering questions about our history. One of my favorite documentaries.

Do You Believe In Aliens?

This video is a collage of different UFO sightings from around the world. At the end there is a very interesting call a radio talk show host receives about Area 51. Definitely must see. 


This documentary covers our food industry, corporations, government, and much much more. Very interesting and knowledge filled.